November 30, 2011: A Letter to My Then Self


It's quite 7 in the morning. You just closed your eyes after being awake for the whole night. I know you were disturbed from the chaos around you but don't be quite scared. They can manage. Believe me.

I know that you need to get up and eat and follow them to the hospital. Yes, dear. Your father is quite in a critical condition now. But don't fret. It's going to be okay.

You will be calling some people for help. You might get worried and you might be on the verge of crying but don't you worry. They will come and rescue you. For quite some time, you'd be in calm. Because deep inside you, you know that everything is going to be all right.

Through all of this, you thought that amidst all the chaos, everything will be like the day before. Yes, you'd be thinking but when reality sinks, you'd be calling the people you consider home. You'd be calling your brother and you'd be telling them the situation. You'd be telling the reality and you'd be numb for quite some time. Because you'd be clueless on what to do. You'd be clueless on what the future will hold. You are quite the worrier you are. I can't blame you. Anyone should be worried with all the stuff going on.

At the end of the day, reality will definitely sink in. Your life will change come 6 in the evening. But you got to be strong, my dear. You got to hold everything in and continue. You are your mother's strength right now. You are everyone's strength right now. You have to keep your head high. Don't worry about the future because it will be all right. Don't worry about what others will say because it's your life not theirs. Don't worry about what's for you tomorrow because life will continue.

After all of these and after all the days, the hurt will still be there but you'll change slowly and you'll change for the better. You are going to be strong for your mother and you are going to be strong for your self. Don't worry, my dear, it will be all right. It will not be the same but it is going to be fine.

Just hold on and be brave.



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