REVIEW: Jungle Book (2016)

Seeing Jungle Book was so entertaining and I am a bit surprised, too. Kids nowadays got to enjoy Jungle Book in a very modern way. Effects are so on point that you also begin to wonder that maybe a part of it is true. Jungle Book never failed to show every single time its meaning - the relationship of human and animals and nature in general that was shown in the movie was a thumbs up. I am so glad that the young people of today get to witness the magic of Mowgli and Jungle Book.

Mowgli, his wolf family, Baloo the Bear, Bagheera (the black panther), Kaa (the anaconda), King Louie (this really big orangutan hidden in the shadows), Shere Khan (bengal tiger) - these beautiful characters made me get into the movie way too much. A lot of people made a big issue regarding the lack of music considering it's a Disney film but for me it was still a hit. Mowgli's adventures together with the rest of the characters made the movie a colorful one despite the lackness of it.

For the youngsters, they might consider the movie as a very adventurous one but as I delve into it, I think it is so much more. The issues being tackled and being laid out is quite a big deal in our society nowadays. There are political issues like how the water truce is being laid out for every one to survive but clearly, some can do so much to intimidate others because of their power. Also, you get to realize quite a few things in how we treat other people and animals. Mowgli tried his best to help someone get his food - that would be Baloo if you really want to know. We, humans and animals, can actually help each other for the better. Mowgli knows that he is so much capable than them and but instead of taking advantage of the knowledge that he has, he used it to help others. His kindness to others is one thing that we all should learn. Kindness not only for our fellow human beings but also to all living things.

While other people treat Jungle Book as somewhat of a failure, I treat it as a success. The new way of story telling mixed with the old lessons Jungle Book has always taught is magic.

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