Because I Am An Introvert

I stumbled upon some articles about introversion in the last couple of days and I can't help but really read and dive into it since I consider myself to be one. So to fully understand myself and other introverts like me, I managed to dissect it and understand it as much as I needed to understand myself. I started to go hard on myself before or maybe until now because I felt like I am different from the others, I am not like the others and people start to question me on why I am being like this and why I am being like that. I don't know how to explain it to them since I have never really fully accepted and never really fully understand myself.

So, yeah, let's get this started.

1. They say that introverts enjoy having time to themselves. Yep. That's me. Sometimes, I just long for alone time not because I am lonely or sad or anything in between. I just liked to be alone because it's like a break for me from the outside world. I also cherish it because outside world and everyone sometimes just drains the hell out of me. Like for example in my work, I get to interact to many kinds of people the whole day and it drains me making small talk and asking them one by one about how they are and how their day is. It's consuming but you really gotta do what you gotta do. What I do when I am having times like this? Lately, I just browse the internet and social media but not really interacting. Nothing much because I am having a reader's block nowadays and just bored 5 minutes into a movie even if it's the movie I have been wanting to watch for so long....

2. They say that introverts think at their best when they are alone or by themselves. As usual, introverts is almost equal to being alone and being themselves. Yep, maybe I am quite like that. Got to process things alone is much better for me.

3. They say that introverts leads best when other people are the self-starters. Ugh... I don't know about this but yeah, before, back in the days, I lead quite often but I always have someone initiate something before me then things get rolling...

4. They say introverts are the last to raise their hand when someone asks for something from a group. Yep. That's me. Totally. Back in the days at school, I just don't feel like to be in the limelight. If the teacher asks one question and I know the answer, you'd expect me to raise my hand right away. But I do the opposite, I just sit back and well, let them answer the question. That's why recitation scores are pretty low back then. They also thought that I didn't do any reading back home that's why I don't raise my hand because I don't know the answer. Hehe. I am pretty chill about what they think about me. No harm.

There's more for sure but I'd spare you about me starting to be self-centered. I know that lots of people are like me - an introvert. But people often mistaken them/us as rude, arrogant, shy human beings. But really, we are just being ourselves.

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