20 Things I Feel Happy About

I have written this list back in the days when I was still working out of the country and feeling happy and contented with what I had. Months after resigning, I am in this position in my life where I am again questioning my purpose and my contentment in life. I was wondering where it went and why I let it flew away like that. I don't want to think that I made some not quite good decisions in the past few months. I really don't want to blame myself. I believe that everything happened for a reason.

So here I am right now, refreshing the memories and the feelings of happiness and contentment.


These past few weeks, I've got nothing but full of gratefulness with what is happening in my life right now. So I decided to list down the things that I feel happy about.

I've listed this one out compulsively. So these are the ones that came to my mind right away.

1. Family
2. Trees/Flowers/Nature
3. Long walk outdoors
4. A cup of hot chocolate
5. A bar of chocolate
6. Movie marathon
7. A good sleep
8. Chirping birds
9. Lechon/Roasted Pork
10. A new book
11. writing my thoughts
12. sunrise/sunset
13. tropical fruits
14. starting a new project
15. a quite morning
16. a smile
17. trying out a new food
18. friends
19. solitude
20. love

See, nothing much to make yourself happy, right? I just wonder why people go for too much when having less is fine.


I have come to a realization that what I feel happy about back then are the things that I seldom have. Now, I almost feel and see it every day. I am now with my family, trees and the flowers are everywhere, birds wake me up in the morning and now, I have time. So, why I am in this state in life that, again, I feel discontentment. Maybe, that's life isn't it? Never ending search for things and what-nots to fill up our never ending cravings of something to give us content and give us peace. We are sure hard to please, aren't we?

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