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I've stumbled in one article out there somewhere in the vast wideness of the internet about thinking about your life goals. I thought, hey, maybe I should make one since I haven't really laid out what my life goals are. I mean, I am not getting any younger and I haven't had one concrete goal yet. Maybe, it's time to have some. It was stated in that article some steps on how to list down, prioritize and accomplish these life goals.

Well, maybe I should think about doing a list of it or maybe reflecting on it, first... I should start reflecting, doesn't it? Because if I write it down, I might get stressed out. Knowing me, I'll just worry and think and stress about it and end up not accomplishing even one of it. Yep, I know myself too much to say that. Reflecting, like, maybe this goal isn't what I need in life or what I want, maybe this goal is for the satisfaction of other people or for the satisfaction of the people in the social media. We are all somewhat like that, aren't we?

As per the article, it was stated that I should be thinking what I like the people who will be attending my funeral to say. Pretty futuristic, no? It's not that I am not quite ready for this but if it's my time, then it's my time. It also said that I should imagine that I am at the end of my life. So I should be thinking on what I have accomplished and I should be thinking that if that's the life I am going to be proud of. Like, is this the kind of person and life I want? Something like that, maybe...

Well, it would be nice if people at my funeral will say that I am a good person, a loyal friend and a responsible and compassionate human being. It's nothing much but I feel better knowing that they will be telling that much about me. I am not quite comfortable about people talking about how much money I have left, how many houses I have some where... something like that...

After that, it was written there to jot down ideas on what I would like to achieve before I die. Well, there are some short ranged goals and long ranged that what they call it? I have more, actually. Build a house for my mom, help at least one kid to finish studies, have my own business, have a home for stray dogs and cats, live in the country side...blah, blah.. so on and so forth... (insert the biggest of dreams) After that, trim it, plan on actually doing it and make a life you'd think you want people to talk about you on your funeral.

Two things. It was easy and hard at the same time. It was easy to jot down the many goals you want to achieve in life and it was hard to trim it down and make some action about it. As of now, I am pretty sure I've achieved some in my life. I haven't jotted down before so I am not quite sure how much of it I have achieved already. But one thing for sure, I am contented with what I have right now. Guess that would count as a life goal, isn't it? Contentment.

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