My Male Friends and Their Insecurities

We all know that women usually are the most expressive when it comes to their insecurities. Whether you believe me or not but most of the times the cat fights of some of my female friends/acquaintances are rooted with insecurities. Physical appearance, relationships, career, belly fat, acne, hair, etc. 

As for some of my male friends/acquaintances, I only have a vague idea of what their insecurities are. So, as to feed my curiosity, I asked some of them about it. I didn't asked them directly but I have them engage in a conversation that will lead us to them spilling it to me.

I won't be leaving any of their names here so as to protect their "ego". Right? 

"My already bald head. 

I am just in my early 30s and look at me now."

"I am insecure about my height. 
I mean, I am shorter than most of my girl friends."

"I feel insecure about my ability in making decisions. 
I always have a hard time deciding and always needs someones approval."

"Intelligence. I feel like I am at the bottom 
and I feel like I am going nowhere."

"I am insecure about my love life. 
Almost all of the guys I know that are in the same age 
as me are married and have kids already."

I am quite glad that they have opened up to me about these things. I am quite surprised that their insecurities mainly focuses about their status in life in the future. It's nice to know that they are kind of worried with what will happen to them one day. 

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