A Letter To My Heartbroken Friend


How are you? No, how are you, really? I know that it hurts but don't you worry. It is going to be okay.

Know that I will always be here for you. It might be a cliche but I am going to say it otherwise. I am your friend and I am your sister. Hide nothing from me. Cry if you must. Scream if you want. You might rewind all the memories over and over every hour, every minute. It is okay. It is an accomplishment, you know, to do this and get up the next morning facing another day. There is nothing wrong if you wake up doing it all over again.

If you think that you are losing your hope in falling in love. Think again, there are so many fishes in the sea and not all relationships are made perfectly. Maybe, this event in your life is a great time to focus on what’s happening to you and what you really want. Maybe you will realize that it’s better than what you had.

There are times you are probably going to be thinking that there is something wrong with you because of the past failed relationships that you had. Remember, there isn’t. You deserve more. You deserve someone that will respect you for you and accept the true you. It’s a lesson learned. Be mindful of the things your partner says, if it doesn’t help you to be a better you in some way, think again.

As time passes, you will realize that you have moved on – that you are healed and that you have let it go. Reminisce all the heartbreaks you have before? You became okay, right? Doesn’t hurt now? And you know in your heart you gave it all, so no regrets. You will heal beautifully because you know you gave the love someone deserves.

I know you are so used to hearing the words “Everything happens for a reason.” And you are most probably so fed up about it but hey, it’s true. This happened because there is something in store for you – a bigger one, a greater one. And it is something that you deserve.

Be happy, my dear. Smile. Laugh. Live. And don’t get fed up with love.



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