5 Filipino Traditions on New Year's Eve That You'll Find Unusual

Filipinos love celebrating New Years and even though majority of the Filipinos are Christians, we totally love the traditions and culture that we have adopted from the Chinese and Spanish people.

Maybe, some of you will find it unusual why we do what we do during the year changes but it is deeply rooted already in our culture that it has become a norm.

Here are the most loved traditions we, Filipinos, do during new year! Expect it as 2017 changes to 2018!

1. Wearing shirts/dresses that has a "polka dot" pattern and stripes!!! Polka dots that symbolizes the coins and the stripes that symbolizes the paper money! Right?

2. Filling your house with groceries and other food stuff! Fill the rice container with rice, the sugar canister with overflowing sugar, same with salt, onions, garlic, meat, etc. This is done so that you'd be full all year round!

3. Making sure that you have 12 different kinds of round fruits on the table. Round symbolized infinity and money as well! So be ready! Have a watermelon, orange, grapes, etc. as long as it is shaped O.

4. Opening windows and doors. To make sure that the luck of the first day of the year will come in your house! Just don't forget to close them all right? Better be safe!

5. Jumping as high as you can when the clock strikes twelve!! Why? Well, it's believed you will get taller in the next year if you do such a thing. Good luck!

It is somewhat bizarre but we grew up doing these things and it gives us positivism for the whole year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Have a blessed one and let's welcome 2018 with a bang!

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