10 Things About Me That I Would Love to Share

I am most probably going to be posting more in TENS since I am starting to get a writer's block this early. I just don't have anything to say these past few days. I am just thankful that I have scheduled posts. Hehe. Why I even started blogging again if I have this kind of tendency, I got no idea. 

So, for the first TENS post, I will be sharing you TEN things ABOUT ME that I would love to share with everyone.

1. I am turning 30 next year and adulting isn't something that I have figured already. I, sometimes, think that I haven't done something in my life. Oh, how I wish that choosing something you would be doing when you grow up is very easy back then. 

2. I am binge-watching The Return of Superman right now. It's a reality show in South Korea featuring the kids of celebrities and their life with their dad for 48 hours. The mom is not present for 48 hours and it's hilarious to watch some dads who just couldn't figure out what to do.

Oh, hello Lee Haru! Jion! Daehan, Minguk and Manse!! 

3. Lipsticks didn't get to touch my lips since two years ago when I started working overseas. I just used chapsticks and some baby powder in my face. Hahaha. Now, I feel ridiculous knowing that I hated it back then.

4. There was an instance that I woke up full of bruises because I was so drunk the night before. Hahahaha. Oh gaaaad. I was consistent in making bad decisions when alcohol is around. Good thing I stopped already!! 

5. When I am hungry, I can still throw tantrums. Hahaha. And if I'm hungry and tired, I just don't talk. At all.

6. I just realized that I really don't have any favorite color. If you put me in a shopping mall and check out clothes, I'd choose whatever that I feel like that day.

7. I overthink and I have anxiety. And when I have attacks, I tend to just shut up and avoid talking to anyone for daaaaays. And other misunderstood me half the time and I really can't blame them.

8. I love hugs more than kisses. I feel like hugs are more sincere and more heartfelt.

9. I would love to wake up with the sound of the waves. But, I have this thought sometimes about tsunamis and storm surges and all that so yeah...

10. I am flat footed and have an overly big feet. I always have a hard time looking for a perfect shoes for me. I always end up buying too big and too small. 

So, there it is. I didn't realized that this post is going to be this easy. I could go on an on but that would be so self-centered as some of you may not be really interested.

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