REVIEW: Finding Dory (2016)

Thirteen years later, finally Pixar and Disney gave us something to look forward to when a statement was released that a prequel of the very successful "Finding Nemo" is on the works (we grew old waiting...). With all the prequels and sequels that was released early this year (and even before that), we now often wonder, would this be worth it?

It's a general knowledge how Pixar and Disney would always satisfy their fans in their creations. So, I was not really surprised that "Finding Dory" became a hit. Although it has almost the same story line as what Nemo experienced (lost in the midst of the deep blue sea), it was brought into something new and refreshing because of Dory's condition. As we all know, Dory is suffering from a short-term memory loss which as a kid (she was really cute with those big blue innocent eyes) she always say to whoever she meets. While, Marlin and Nemo always think of what to do and what not to do, Dory just acts in the moment. That probably made it different and unique. Well, if you tend to forget anything anyways, you most probably just act compulsively. "What would Dory do?" became the infamous line in the movie. Because if you can't think of anything, might as well as do something in the moment, right?

I like the fact that the characters from Nemo's movie were still in Dory's. Some of them are Mr. Ray and his fish-school where Dory became a teaching assistant - for a while of course, Crush the turtle dude and his son Squirt. New characters were also equally adorable with the likes of Dory's pipe friend Destiny the whale shark and Bailey the beluga. Also, there's one octopus er... septopus named Hank that stole the limelight.

Like every other Pixar and Disney movie, you should always prepare a hanky. Finding Dory gave a worthy happy ending for Dory. And it was something really touching. But if you want a happier ending, maybe a little patience after the credits is something to watch out for.

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